The Ultimate Blog Challenge

I started doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge in January 1st. What it means is that I will be making a blog post every day in the month of January. I’ll also make comments on other bloggers posts.

The benefit of this Challenge is to get into a habit of blogging on a regular basis. Also, I will get plenty of back links to my blog through commenting other bloggers. The Alexa ranking will get better. The search engines find my blog more easily and I will make new connections with other bloggers.

My goals in the Ultimate Blog Challenge are: By the end of January 31st:

1. The Alexa of this blog will be lower than 100 000 (now 1 438 878)

2. I have gained 50 new back links to this blog (now 9).

3. I have received 30 new Likes to my Facebook page (now 290)

I will get back to these goals in a blog post on January 31st to see if I’ve reached them.

If you want to join the fun you can signup now or later (there’s several Challenges during 2012) at


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