5 Reasons To Be Proud Of My Country!

I thought I make a post about 5 reasons to be proud of my country. In a very US centered world this might give you an idea that there’s life outside your world!


Here’s my Top 5 that I’m proud of in Finland:

  1. Woman President
    - It’s not very common to have one
  2. Nokia                                              
    - Gives a living to tens of thousands of Finnish families
  3. Angry Birds                               
    - A great example of the high quality design/know-how/tech
  4. Socialized Health Care       
    - The basic health care costs about $30 a year/person
  5. Education                                    
    - The good quality of our education is noted globally

There’s my Top 5. When you think about your country what is your Top 5? You can leave a comment. Thank You!


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