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blog loveI spend hours daily these days to read other people’s blogs. I get ideas but also the “what not to do“.
I don’t want to blog just for mommies. To cut out 50% of my blogs potential readers. I blog for everyone who wants to learn more. That’s what life is all about. Learning, adjusting, adapting, growing, changing. Without change we wouldn’t be alive. Change is a good sign of being alive!

While visiting other blogs I came up with an idea to make a post about what I’ve seen and learned. So here we go:

KludgyMom wrote about bad blogs and how to fix them. The tip I took from that post was to add my email into my blog side. I certainly hope people won’t just grab it from there to add to their lists (I’m not THAT good in reading my emails).

From one of the blogs I visited I picked up the idea to add a badge for asking visitors to review my blog in Alexa (for the future I suppose, when my blog has more traffic. Checked the traffic stats today from Google Analytics and I have had 300 page views in the last 2 weeks).

A blogger named Gigi wrote about “20 Things I May Hate About Your Blog“. From that post I was reminded to limit my categories when I get more post.

Adalia from Adalia Confidence And Success Blog wrote about “How to Use Your Dreams to Solve Your Problems“. She calls it DREAM INCUBATION and there’s 7 steps to take in it. Very interesting read!

Gwen Thibbeaux from Gwen wrote about “Developing Your Purpose: 7 Ways To Bloom Where You Are Planted“. (I love the title!).

That’s about it until tomorrow!



P.S. The Sits Girls 31 Days To Build A Better Blog (based on the ebook by ProBlogger) started yesterday. I will try to squeeze it in side by side with the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I made a list to Twitter from the #SITS31DBBB and #blogboost (UBC) partisipants. If you are taking part in either one feel free to follow me:


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  1. Katrina says:

    It always make for an interesting read when you decide to go through and read and take on board advice or learn from it….I usually set some time each week aside to have a really good read of various blogs, some of it’s for learning personal stuff, some for blogging, it makes for such an interesting read
    Katrina recently posted..Total Fire Ban DayMy Profile

  2. Gwen says:

    Thanks for the blog love! Much appreciated! :-)
    Gwen recently posted..Daily Must HavesMy Profile

  3. Sarah says:

    I’m going to bookmark this, and come back to it at a later time to check out all of those sites you’ve linked. I’ll have to come back later, as my children are waking up from their naps, and dinner is needing to be cooked. Thank you for the time you’ve put into putting these together :-)

  4. kelly says:

    From what i know blogs that are updated regually have alot return visitors

    other if content is few and far between poeple will slowly lose interest in the blog
    kelly recently posted..Clear AcneMy Profile

  5. George W says:

    Great post, adding your email is a very good idea, it could open up alot of opptunities aswell as answering your blog reader’s questions. The only problem is spam bots that harvest emails.
    George W recently posted..Treatment for obstructive sleep apneaMy Profile

  6. is terrific. There’s often all the appropriate info at the suggestions of my fingers. Thank you and maintain up the superior work!

  7. Gabriela says:

    Hi Armi I also want to read also the blogs of other just to get other ideas how to blog and later on it becomes my hobbies. When my 1 year old son is sleeping I love to blogs all about him and how I wanted him to grow up someday.
    Gabriela recently posted..Adoption GrantsMy Profile

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