The Bestest Pluginious You’ve Ever Used-To

Widget LogicYesterday I was recommended by Michelle Shaeffer the coolest pluginious in the whole bitiverse. It’s called Widget Logic and here’s what it does:

First you install and activate the plugin from (read also the Please Note -part in there). When active the plugin makes an additional selection box to all the widgets you have in your sidebar(s). The function of the plugin is to let YOU decide on which pages/posts you want each of your widgets to show.
For example I have a page in my blog called “Books”. Now I can show all the book related ads in the sidebar of that page. Then I have a page called “Training” where I can put all the educational stuff from the sidebar. Then I have a page called “About-Me” where I placed the widgets related to my online presence and networks in social media. And so on.
The plugin is specially good for those who tend to have a lot of stuff in their side bars. This way the pages don’t look so full when the sidebars are more targeted and organized.
You can wander around my blog’s pages to see the different sidebars and the plugin in use in practise.

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