Six More Challenging Days!

As some of you know I’ve been taking part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month and I wanted to look back a bit to view some of the things I’ve accomplished in 3+ weeks (which is a very short time when you think about it!).
Firstly, the look of my blog: When I started January 1st my blog was fairly new. I had a dark theme and only 6 posts altogether (most of which were copied from eZineArticles!).
Now I’ve invested about 100 € into the new theme and fonts. I’ve been tweaking my blog a lot. It starts looking pretty neat. And I’ve made 23 blog posts this month already! 8 more to go before the month ends.
One of my goals for January was to get the Alexa ranking below 100 000. My Alexa was 1 429 924 on January 1st and its 769 836 now. It has gone down by 50% but there’s still a long way to go to 100K.
The number of visitors to my blog has doubled since the first two weeks of January.
One of my goals was to get 50 new backlinks to my blog (I had 9 to begin with). Now I have 37 backlinks and some more on the way before the 31st.
I’ve learned lots of new stuff that I’ve implemented in practise right away (Remember, if you don’t do it right away or write it down somewhere in a visible place, you’ll forget about it).

The more you write things down the more of them you get done!




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  1. Well done for getting this far and for learning so much. I have also increased my webtraffic by 400% during this challenge. How you know how many back links you have?

    • Armi Niemi says:

      Hi Charlie! I have installed the Alexa Toolbar into my browser. It shows the number of backlinks and the ranking. I have also made a excel file about my progress. I fill in the ranking, number of links and what I have done (that could have an affect to the ranking or links) daily into the excel file. With excel you can also make graphs of your numbers to see the progress.

  2. Hi Armi,
    Thank you for sharing your blogging story so far. Congratulations on your success as well. I can’t wait to read more of your work. Is this your first blog? Have you set yourself any blogging goals?
    Glad to have found you through Ultimate Blogging Challenge!
    Cheers, Caylie
    Caylie Price, Better Business Better Life recently posted..50 Tips From The Best Aussie SMEsMy Profile

    • Armi Niemi says:

      Hi Caylie! This blog is not my first one but I will make it my best one, and my main one. After the Challenge is over I will continue to blog atleast 3-5 times a week :)

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