The Red Shoes – The Most Personal Post I’ll Ever Make!


We are sometimes as different from ourselves as we are from others.
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I’ve had the priviledge to meet several great personalities in my life but one of them is the greatest encourager of my life: I dedicate this post to my mom, who passed away to cancer about 6 years ago.

red shoesWhen I was 5 years 7 months old I visited a doctor with my mom in the capital of my country. Coming from a small village in the countryside the trip to Helsinki in itself was very cool and fancy. Of course we had to buy something to take home to my little sister. My mom picked up a pair of red shoes for her.

In the train on our way home I kept thinking about the red shoes. They were so fancy. So I said to my mom I’d like to have the red shoes. (actually, the wording went “I want the red shoes!”). I knew I wasn’t supposed to want something that was bought for my sister. That it would be wrong to take them when they were not for me.

So my mom, usually very kind and gentle, said to me: “What do you need shoes for when you can’t even walk?”

Now that was BAAAAAD !  It sounded so awful to a 6 year older coming from the most loving person a kid could have. And it made me sad, angry and pissed off. After i got over what she had just said I pulled my negotiator gear: “Can I have them if I learn how to walk?” She said “Yes” !

So for the next couple of weeks I practised taking steps. First only one or two between the furnitures and then all the way from one end of our living room to the other. I was proud to show off to my elder sister (I asked her not to push me if I’d show her!).

So I learned to walk and got the red shoes!

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