10 Goals For April #blogboost

I am taking part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month. Here is my goals for April:

Goals for April

1. To Get Alexa ranking below 100 000
- I had this goal already in January and was not able to reach it then. Now my Alexa is much closer to 100 000 to start with so I’m going for it again: Alexa 255 958 on March 31st.

2. Traffic
- My goal is 1 500 pageviews in April. That’s not much but that’s still 3x more than I had in March.

3. Facebook Page
- I hope to get 20 new likes to my facebook page (323 on March 31st)

4. 75 New Backlinks
- My goal is to get 75 new backlinks by the end of this month. I know this goal is a bit high but if it were lower there would not be any challenge: I had 95 backlinks  on March 31st (already have received 9 new after that).

5. 20 New Subscribers
- My goal is to get 20 new subscribers.

6. Posting Daily
- I aim at 30 posts in April.

7. Google+
- My goal is to get 20 new contacts in Google+ (I have 479 on March 31st)

8. Pinterest
- I aim at 50 new followers and 300 new followings at Pinterest. (I had 92 followers/283 following on March 31st)

9. ArmieXpress Community
- My goal is to get 50 new members to ArmieXpress Community (37 on March 31st).

10. Walking
- This goal is not directly related to blogging but will help it anyway. My goal is to go for a walk daily (3 x 20 min. or 2 x 30 min). That’s a lot to me but I’ll need it and I’ll survive :)

These were the 10 goals I made for myself for April.

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  1. Great goals. I have to admit there’s some terminology in here I don’t understand. Tammie and her husband are the “techy” side of Carolina HeartStrings so I will ask them a few questions. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. helen says:

    nice goals

    do you mind explaining alexa ranking to me?
    (or i might ask alessa after she has asked tammie and her husband ;D)
    helen recently posted..How to make your picture feel comfortableMy Profile

  3. Laura says:

    Great idea for a post and for your business. I tend to forget to set smaller, shorter term goals. This helps to keep the large, long term goals from becoming overwhelming. Also helps you keep from being disappointed if you don’t meet all your long term goals if you can see most (or all) of your short term goals being achieved. Thanks for the idea!
    Laura recently posted..Rock Field ObstacleMy Profile

  4. Marta Costa says:

    Excellent goals. Would love to hear more about how you will accomplish each one.

  5. Pauline says:

    Hi Armi

    You have listed some great goals here, I wish you every success in achieving them :)
    I would like to improve my Alexa ranking so thanks for reminding me about this one!
    Have a great day
    Pauline recently posted..Creating A StrategyMy Profile

  6. Great post Armi!
    You will be very busy but if we make goals they should be challenging or there is no point. I’d be interested to know more regarding your strategy for the backlinks. Perhaps there’s a post in that?
    Best wishes for UBC! Great to connect with you again!

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