How To Overcome Fear Of Failure

In nearly every aspect of life, there is a fear of failure. Even the greatest of all time have had the fear of failure. The trick is to learn how to use that energy to turn it into something positive.

It’s human to have some kind of fear. This is because humans are programmed to have fear. Once you are able to turn this fear into energy towards succeeding, you will start to see the amazing changes in your life.

The fear of failure usually comes from lack of confidence.

If you are confident in your craft, then you will have less fear of failure. The goal is to have very little fear and to basically try to get as close to “fearless” as possible.

The closer you get to the state of fearless the easier you see your life. If you get into the habit of always fearing failure, you will never open yourself up to ever feeling what success feels like.

Every problem has a solution and only time will reveal the answer. If for some reason you do “fail,” remember that this is only to test your patience because things happen for a reason, no matter how bad they seem.

Be thankful for every moment of your life and remember that success and failure should be greeted with open arms. When you have this in mind, you will inevitably lose the fear of failure because you know that everything happens for a reason.

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  1. Grace says:

    Great Armi!
    So true, I feel people don’t fear anything when they take the emphasis of themselves! We all have confidence when we do what we love GX

  2. Great thoughts Armi, I appreciate your perspective. I agree that you – it’s not failing if you keep moving forward and don’t give up. That process is learning and we should be doing that every day of our existence! Glad to connect on the UBC!
    Tor Constantino, MBA recently posted..Words Can Rise or Ruin….My Profile

  3. sara says:

    Fear is a big one for me. I think what really helps me fight it is a quote from Joyce Meyer “Do it afraid”. The more you do the things you are afraid of the easier it gets – and if you do “fail” find the lesson, learn from it and then share it.

    Thanks for the reminder that everything happens for a reason. :)
    sara recently posted..Smash Writers Block for GoodMy Profile

  4. Great post Armi,

    One thing that I have found to help me overcome fear is that I think of all the other people who have done it before me. If they can, why can’t I?
    Nicole Bandes recently posted..Story Friday – The Old Way Works FineMy Profile

  5. Rob Scott says:

    I’ve always tried to tackle my fears head on, you’ll never overcome them if you don’t try to. Once you have succeeded you will grow in confidence and not fear failure as much.

    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!
    Rob Scott recently posted..5 Social Media Pet PeevesMy Profile

  6. Whether we are willing to admit it or not, we are all afraid of failing at something. And I’ve discovered that sometimes we are afraid of succeeding.

    The biggest favor we can do for ourselves is to stay focused, stay in a positive frame of mind, and Keep Moving Forward. Those arrows of Fear will have a harder time hitting a moving target!

    Great post, Armi. Thank you!

    Teresa Beeman recently posted..Traits of Successful PeopleMy Profile

  7. Gwen Tanner says:

    There is no bigger failure than letting fear stop you from doing something you want to do!!

    NIce post, Amri.

    Gwen Tanner recently posted..Risseldy, Rosseldy, Now, Now, NowMy Profile

  8. I have learned to change how I look at failure and even to some degree success.
    I no longer measure in terms of success or failure but rather in terms of effort and value.

    I like the Edison quote on this about inventing the light bulb on the 1000th – try where he’s quoted as saying that he did not fail 999 times – he simply found 999 ways that did not produce a light bulb.

    I also believe that just by starting we can get past that hurdle. Great post and a much needed subject for discussion. As they say – to get what we’ve never had, we must do what we’ve never done. Sometimes that’s scary.

    But it’s so worth it. That’s the value.
    Kathi Laughman recently posted..Where are you on the changescape?My Profile

  9. Deimar says:

    In my opinion the fear of failure is overrated, people are afraid of criticism, and avoid doing something remarkable because of it.
    Deimar recently posted..Companies Are Afraid Of InnovationMy Profile

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