Half Way There #blogboost

It’s 15th of April. Which means I’m half way in the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

It’s the 2nd time I take part in it. This time I haven’t been as nervous about keeping the pace to post than I was the 1st time. I’m 3 posts behind after this one.

When I look at my goals for April:

1. Alexa has gone down by 32K ( 124K to go)

2. I will get ca 1000 pageviews this month with the current pace (my goal was 1500).

3. I have received 10 new likes to my facebook page (my goal for this month is 20 new likes so this one is half way there).

4. I have received 17 new backlinks (my goal for the month is 75 new backlinks). This one is a bit frustrating. I commented 30 blogs in the first week and got only 8 new backlinks during that week. Hopefully those links show at some point.

5. I have received 2 new subscribers (my goal is 20 new this month).

6. I’m 3 posts behind from the daily postings.

7. I have 18 new followers at Google+ (my goal for the month is 20 new so this one looks quite good).

8. I have 20 new followers at Pnterest (my goal for this month is 50 new)

9. I have 7 new members in the Armiexpress community (my goal for the month is 50 new members so I’m way behind with that one).

10. Daily walking: I managed to do 30 min a day for the first week but then the 2nd week I got distracted with gardening and simply forgot to go for a walk :(

My general feeling is that 10 different goals is too many to focus on properly. In the 2nd half of the month I will  better in those things I’m behind in goals.


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  1. Thanks, Armi,
    Ten goals — that’s impressive! And you’re making decent progress, too. Thanks for listing these goals that all of us in the challenge would be wise to follow. Wish I’d tracked my status from Day 1. I’ll be ready next time.
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  2. Evelyn says:

    This is what you called power! Very inspiring moves who making things possible without worries… Setting goals and perform it effective is really great…
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  3. Trisha28 says:

    Great list, this is the same that I am able to create my resolutions… Which is my guidelines in making such things worth effective….
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  4. Mikai says:

    Good luck for your goals Ami! You are one of my inspiration and I hope you will achieve what you really want..
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  5. Sandra92 says:

    Great list, these goals for April is very interesting….
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  6. jennifer says:

    Thanks for sharing with us your great goal, what about this may… what’s new..?
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  7. jennifer says:

    Theses goals are the guidelines of achieving the best among better things that can be…
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  8. kathy867 says:

    I really appreciate Armie the list of your goals I am inspired to have this kind of list also..
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