Half Way There #blogboost

It’s 15th of April. Which means I’m half way in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. It’s the 2nd time I take part in it. This time I haven’t been as nervous about keeping the pace to post than I was the 1st time. I’m 3 posts behind after this one. When I look at my goals […]

How To Create an Internet Marketing Plan


There are numerous aspects involved in developing an Internet marketing plan. From budget to end goal, website marketing is a long-term process. It is also detailed process, which is the reason many site owners hire a marketing specialist to help them plan. To start, you must think about the major goal of the marketing campaign. […]

10 Goals For April #blogboost

Goals for April

I am taking part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month. Here is my goals for April: 1. To Get Alexa ranking below 100 000 – I had this goal already in January and was not able to reach it then. Now my Alexa is much closer to 100 000 to start with so I’m […]

There Is Life After UBC !

Ultimate Blog Challenge

There is life after the Ultimate Blog Challenge. And I’m really looking forward to February! Not only because the UBC ends (but yes, that’s one of the reasons to gladly turn the month in my calendar!). I plan to keep posting to this blog every other day/3-5 times a week. I will make February my […]

Six More Challenging Days!

6 more days

As some of you know I’ve been taking part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month and I wanted to look back a bit to view some of the things I’ve accomplished in 3+ weeks (which is a very short time when you think about it!). Firstly, the look of my blog: When I started […]

On 7th Day Of New Year – Lasagna And Alexa Who?


It’s been one week since I started the Ultimate Blog Challenge and it’s been great so far. I know I can push myself for one month to blog daily! And I’m fully aware that I should keep doing that even after the month is over. It takes about one month to adopt a new habit […]

My New Years Resolution

donut hole

I made a New Years Resolution to focus more on cooking. Why did I do that? I’ve had a low weight most of my life. One that needs watching. So when I’m focusing more on cooking I’m bound to maintain or gain weight. When I cook I will also eat more regularly myself. And I […]

Did You Just Quit Before You Even Started?


Many of you are about to start something new today. Something you made a resolution for last night. Something that’s going to make your life better in one way or another. So why you hesitate? There’s plenty of reasons to hesitate. You might have failed in your previous attempts. Maybe you are reluctant to pushing […]

Five Tips for Finding More Time To Grow Your Business


By Darren Olander Finding time to work on your network marketing business is a challenge facing all business owners. It seems as if there aren’t enough hours in the day to deal with everything you need to look after, and it’s true. If your goal is to keep moving forward, these five tips for finding […]