How To Create an Internet Marketing Plan


There are numerous aspects involved in developing an Internet marketing plan. From budget to end goal, website marketing is a long-term process. It is also detailed process, which is the reason many site owners hire a marketing specialist to help them plan. To start, you must think about the major goal of the marketing campaign. […]

Change Your Life In 83 minutes!

Today I watched an episode of Oprah’s Lifeclass with Tony Robbins. I hadn’t heard Mr. Robbins speak before. I must say I was impressed! “You become who you spend time with.” – Tony Robbins. The Lifeclass with Tony Robbins is about living fearlessly. Fear is energy. You can turn it into power. In order to […]

Free Text-To-Speech !

Quote By Tolle
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I’ve been playing with free online Text To Speech software. Some of them had a text limit but this one doesn’t seem to have a limit. It’s the With it you can make just a mp3 file from your text or both audio and a virtual person talking: Here is a quote for you!

5 Simple Ways To Increase Your Productivity


There are many ways to increase productivity. No matter what it is that you’re doing online, these tips will help you no matter what. The truth is that focusing and being right on the edge to succeed online requires for you to think deeply and really stay focused. So, to help you out, here’s exactly […]

10 Quick Ways To Get Traffic To Your Site

free traffic

1. Share On Your Facebook Wall As simple as this may sound, this is something that will certainly get instant traffic to your site. Though it may not be a lot, it is certainly a good start. 2. Twitter Contest If you are able to start a contest on Twitter, this will definitely get some […]

Lets Give Them Something To Tweet About!

How To Make Your Own Teet It -Page

Buffer Here’s what I’ve learned the other day: How to make your own “Tweet It” page (from an article by Michelle Shaeffer). You can make any short tips, quotes etc. easily tweetable from your blog post or blog page (heres my Inspirational Quotes -page with tweet it -links). Firstly, think about your best How-To posts, […]

How To Add Pin It -Button To Your Posts

Pin It -button

Pin It Here’s what I’ve learned today: How to add a pin it -button to your blog. First you choose the post among your blog posts you want to add the button into (it needs to be one with an image in it. Because Pinterest is about pinning images). Then copy the URL of that […]

How to Accept Online Payments on Your Small Business Website

shopping cart

By Michelle Shaeffer There are many options for collecting payment online for your products or services. You will need three puzzle pieces working together to sell online: * your website * a secure shopping cart * a payment processor (this may include both a gateway and merchant account) Note: Many solutions and providers offer several […]

How To Add Favicon To Your Genesis Blog


Pin It Here’s what I’ve learned today about the theme (Genesis Framework) I’m using in this blog. I wanted my photo to show in the tab as a favicon. Well, normally you would just add a piece of code to the head section of your main page. But I tried another way. If you are […]

How-To: Show HTML Code On A Web Page?


There is many ways to show code on a web page or a blog. One of the easiest ways is to put the code between <xmp>tags: <xmp>insert code here</xmp> Another easy way is to paste the code in a WYSIWYG editor. That means if you are writing a blog post paste the code on the […]