New Theme In My Blog

new theme

I changed the theme in my blog today. The one I had WAS too dark and I thought it might scare some of my readers away. Now it’s lighter. I had to change the colors of my widgets also to go along with the new colors. The theme takes some time to getting used to. […]

On 7th Day Of New Year – Lasagna And Alexa Who?


It’s been one week since I started the Ultimate Blog Challenge and it’s been great so far. I know I can push myself for one month to blog daily! And I’m fully aware that I should keep doing that even after the month is over. It takes about one month to adopt a new habit […]

My New Years Resolution

donut hole

I made a New Years Resolution to focus more on cooking. Why did I do that? I’ve had a low weight most of my life. One that needs watching. So when I’m focusing more on cooking I’m bound to maintain or gain weight. When I cook I will also eat more regularly myself. And I […]

The Ultimate Blog Challenge


I started doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge in January 1st. What it means is that I will be making a blog post every day in the month of January. I’ll also make comments on other bloggers posts. The benefit of this Challenge is to get into a habit of blogging on a regular basis. Also, […]