On 7th Day Of New Year – Lasagna And Alexa Who?


It’s been one week since I started the Ultimate Blog Challenge and it’s been great so far. I know I can push myself for one month to blog daily! And I’m fully aware that I should keep doing that even after the month is over. It takes about one month to adopt a new habit […]

My New Years Resolution

donut hole

I made a New Years Resolution to focus more on cooking. Why did I do that? I’ve had a low weight most of my life. One that needs watching. So when I’m focusing more on cooking I’m bound to maintain or gain weight. When I cook I will also eat more regularly myself. And I […]

Did You Just Quit Before You Even Started?


Many of you are about to start something new today. Something you made a resolution for last night. Something that’s going to make your life better in one way or another. So why you hesitate? There’s plenty of reasons to hesitate. You might have failed in your previous attempts. Maybe you are reluctant to pushing […]